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Ellisdon Architectural Associates are delighted to have achieved full planning permission and construction coordination for this amazing neo-Georgian style dwelling near Burgess Hill, East Sussex. We always work closely with the clients to obtain planning permission whilst providing a design they really desire. The proportions are always a key design factor to ensure the aesthetic follows the 'golden ratio'. This can be tricky when planning constraints dictate floor areas and ridge heights which in turn can impact upon window design and proportions and throw this 'golden ratio' off. However, I am sure you will agree we have made this work and the clients could not agree more. As always, once planning was approved ,Ellisdon Architectural Associates provided full technical advice, drawings and details to allow construction to commence.

"Scott was fantastic. Having gained planning permission for our new house he produced superb construction drawings in line with our wise list. Thoroughly recommend."  (GOOGLE REVIEWS)

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