What services do we offer?

Our services are broad, however, we focus upon residential design projects where we pride ourselves upon being experts in this particular field rather than a 'jack of all trades'..

Small projects including home extension design & permitted development. 

The residential schemes we take on vary from small single storey extensions, loft conversions, front porches and altered fenestrations. Many of these small projects can be achieved under permitted development and therefore not require formal planning permission. Ellisdon Architectural Associates can advise and carefully consider how we can achieve the result and project you want without having to go through the process of formal planning permission where stricter planning polices need to be factored in. We will always try to maximise your properties potential under permitted development, however,  in circumstances where your particular brief or site specific conditions does not allow this, we will attempt to deliver your project through careful architectural design and therefore a planning application or house holder application. A useful link to the governments permitted development criteria can be found at the bottom of this page. It is a lot to take in so please feel free to call us on 07828189525 to discuss if we can take advantage of your permitted development rights. 

Home owners can also take advantage of what is known as the 'Neighbour Consultation Scheme'. This gives us ability to double our permitted development rights for single storey rear extensions. Please note this application can still be refused if your neighbours object whereas if we keep to our permitted prescribed limit neither your neighbours or the planning authority can prevent development form proceeding. Please click the link at the bottom of this page to find out more. 


Large home extension design, alterations and conversions.: 

Believe it or or not  substantially extending your property may also be achieved under permitted development and therefore bypassing more formal and strict planning policies. Ellison Architectural Associates have several example projects where the floor area and cubic volume has substantially increased under permitted development. In these cases the end result was legally achieved where a formal planning application or householder application would be refused. 

In cases where we can use our permitted development rights, we can prepare and submit what is known as a lawful development certificate to prove that the project did not in fact require planning permission. A link with useful information about the lawful development certificate can be found at the bottom of this page


On some occasions, the project may be very complex, the site may lie in a designated area where an 'Article 4' direction has been imposed or your building is listed and therefore we can not utilise our permitted development rights. In these cases, please do not worry as Ellisdon Architectural Associates can asses the situation and discuss how we we can gain planning permission for what you want - please call us on 07828189525 to discuss. 


Luxury high end house design and multiple plot development. 

Here at Ellisdon Architectural Associates we pride ourselves on our project portfolio of high end residential developments. and believe that our gallery speaks for itself. 

Whether you are demolishing an existing dwelling to build your dream home or replace with multiple units, we can handle everything form the design, planning applications, technical working drawings and tender packages. 

We can advise on all aspects for self builders from build finance to financial planning obligations also know as CIL duty. 

Ellisdon Architectural Associates work closely with several contractors who we can individually recommend for your particular project. 


Building regulation package, technical drawings and details.

Once we have obtained required permissions, we will then work on the technical drawings either for tender packages for pricing purposes or simply for your chosen contractor to construct. These plans and details will be issued to building control for checking and approval. 

During this stage, we liaise and work closely with other professionals such as structural engineers, arboriculturalists, energy assessors and so on. 

Ellisdon Architectural Associates can also design and handle any drainage requirements and criteria stipulated by your water authority. Please note that the design and layout of the drainage will need to be factored in early on at the planning stage. Drainage forms an important part of the construction process. The rules vary for each project and from authority to authority, however some useful information can be found at the link below to Thames Water.


Please note that we provide architectural design, construction and building regulation consultancy services only and therefore we do not provide the services of an architect.