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Whether you are looking to add a single storey extension under permitted development, loft conversions, large two storey extensions with basement additions, or large high end luxury dwellings to multiple unit plots, the process of realising your project is similar. In the first instance we will have a brief chat and from there we can make the necessary arrangements for a site visit to meet in person and also see the site or property in question. 

We have broken the process down into 4 stages, from introduction to commencement of construction. The fee proposal that we provide will also be broken down into stages 2,3 & 4 and will only be issued after completion and/or submission of each stage. In the event that planning permission is refused stage 3 will not commence and will therefore will not have been paid for.



In the first instance, we will likely have an introduction call where we can discuss the type of project you want to undertake (i.e. an extension, conversion or new build). From there, we can arrange a suitable date to meet at the project address or build plot (Note: initial consultations may be chargeable if a fee proposal can not be confirmed via a desktop study). We can again discuss the project and the site specific conditions can be observed in detail. Following this site visit, Ellisdon Architectural Associates will provide a tailored, and usually fixed, fee proposal to handle the process for you. Associated costs to the project, like planning or building regulation fees, will also be included so that you can budget for this along the way.  At this stage, if you wish, we can discuss your budget in relation to the kind of project and features you want.  



If you are happy to proceed with our fee proposal issued at stage 1, we will need to obtain the existing information from the site. This will involve a full measured and photographic survey of the existing property to enable production of existing floor plans, site plans, elevations, sections and so on. Drains, sewers and inspection chambers will be identified and recorded at this stage.  If the site is large or the project is for a new build dwelling we may need to provide a full topographical survey. These existing plans are a validation requirement for any planning application and also forms the template to allow Ellisdon Architectural Associates to provide the proposed designs for stage 3.



Once stage 2 is complete and we have the existing plans, we can then get to work on the proposed designs. We will refer to your project brief requirement discussed at stage 1 before issuing the first set of proposed designs. We will discuss the designs and make necessary design revisions until we are in agreement that the proposed designs are final.

The final floor plans, site plans, elevations, sections and so on will be prepared for the planning application submission. For some projects we may need to instruct other professionals to compliment the application such as an arboriculturist's tree report, obtain a drainage CCTV survey etc. We will liaise, obtain costs and handle all of this for you. Ellisdon Architectural Associates will then submit the application to the local authority for validation. We will monitor the application, respond to any planning queries and if necessary, revise the designs to reach an approval. Please note that your project may not require formal planning permission so we may submit an application for a  lawful development certificate - please refer to our architectural services page. 


building regulations, technical construction drawings & build costs

Once planning permission or our lawful development certificate has been obtained, we will then start the last stage which involves more detailed plans and details. These plans and details will be submitted as an application to our private and/or local authority building control body. Building control will then check the plans and details for compliance - they will also monitor the build progress to check that the work is being carried out in accordance with the approved plans. At this stage it is likely that we will need to instruct and work with a structural engineer. Ellisdon Architectural Associates have several consulting engineers who will provide a fee proposal for you to consider. We will also handle any drainage requirements like a build over application or sewer diversion application. Once this is all complete we can issue the plans and details to builders to provide a build cost to compare and analyse. The same set of plans and details will be used by the contractors to build to. If the project is a large scheme or new build dwelling, we will also liaise with other professionals such as energy assessors, acousticians, interior designers and so on.

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